1.Frequently Asked Questions

1.What makes your system different from the other systems out there?

It's a good question, and one I get a lot by email. There are, as far as I know, only 2-3 websites selling legitimate systems that are designed to help break people away from their addictions to porn, masturbation or other unhealthy sexual habits. The other 1 or 2 systems out there are very heavily Christian based and tend to not be based on the latest scientific methods. I'm a Christian and most of my clients are as well, but you won't find the Bible mentioned in my system. I teach you how to use your own internal power to direct your positive energy into positive activities, and away from unhealthy sexual addictions. Being preached to may be an effective way for some people to stop unhealthy behaviors, but when you are dealing with something as important as a sexual addiction, its better to go with my tried and true methods.

Last but not least, I give you an Mbuddy – your anonymous support partner who will be available to you by email for 6 months.

2.What is the Mbuddy? How is it helpful?

Most therapists support the idea of having a special kind of friend – one who has been through exactly what you have been through and is willing to help you. That's what I give you, when I connect you, by email, to your Mbuddy. All of the Mbuddies have experienced and overcome masturbation, porn, or other sexual addictions. Each of them has a story – one that they will probably end up sharing with you by email, once you become comfortable to share your own.

There are many exercises which require you to tell your Mbuddy the intimiate details of your addiction – ones you probably have never revealed before. It is totally anonymous, totally safe, and is the key aspect that will make you successfully overcome your unhealthy sexual behaviors.

3.How do I receive the system and meet my Mbuddy?

Within minutes of payment, you will receive a PDF file by email. Inside the PDF file is the system I poured my heart and soul into. And the one that I followed exactly to get over my own addiction. You will receive a second email which gives you the contact information of your Mbuddy. You may make the first contact, but if you do not, they will email you within 24 hours to introduce themselves.

4.How much does it cost?

Learning my methods in addition to the 6 months support I give you is very inexpensive, especially when compared to the shame, worry, and guilt you are probably feeling on a daily basis, not to mention the risks you run if you let your addiction continue. It's only $99.

5.What if I don't like it? What's the guarantee?

First, I urge you to not consider this as refundable. If you go into this with the mindset that this is a refundable purchase, you will not be as willing to receive its benefits and commit your heart fully to following all of the steps and going through with the exercises. I spent months studying everything I could get my hands on about this type of addiction and cured myself using the information contained in my e-book.

I just feel so blessed to be able to offer people who have the same problems this kind of help. It would be a shame if people took my hard work for granted, and just purchased the system to take a peek at it, and then return it just because they are permitted to do so. I will give full refunds within 10 days of your purchase, but I urge you to continue with it until your addiction is cured. Working with your Mbuddy over the next few months is key to your recovery, and I don't want you to quit. I want you get better, just like I did.

6.What shows up on my credit card statement?

The billing is totally discreet, and no one will be able to guess what you purchased, based on what appears on your credit card statement. It will show up as CLKBANK Secureweb8

7.I've successfully completed the course and wish to be an Mbuddy. How can I become one?

This is the most rewarding part of my work. I've hired several people who have completed my system to act as Mbuddies for other people. This happens following an email interview, and then a phone interview. Although technically you are not anonymous anymore after I hire you, your personal information is still 100% confidential with me. If you want to help others and have successfully completed my program – just email me: sales@healthysexualitysystem.com

Yes I need your help!

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