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Masturbation and porn addictions lead to shame, guilt, and worry. All potentially disabling emotions. In fact, you probably feel a combination of these feelings right now. I know I did. But the more I understood about why I was using porn and masturbation to hide from my problems, the closer I moved towards acting in a sexually healthy manner. I'll walk you through several exercises designed to help you understand yourself and how you came to have this addiction.


At one point in time, you knew how to be sexually healthy, but you have strayed. I'll help you learn exactly how to start new habits, and exactly how to replace your old unhealthy habits with your new ones. I've developed a series of simple exercises that guide you through a period of deep self reflection and then let you create your own path to recovery. The best part is that your anonymous support partner will offer you 24/7 support by email support that I found is absolutely necessary to overcome this type of addiction.


Moving forward into a period of your life free from the debilitating effects of frequent masturbation and porn consumption is its own reward. Once you re-train your mind and body, you'll find yourself forming better relationships with family, friends, and co-workers. You'll find yourself with free time you never knew existed, and you'll be using that free time to enjoy yourself in ways that will contribute positively to your life. The thousands of emails I receive from people who I've successfully helped are a special reward for me that brighten every day of my life.

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Negative Vs Positive Masturbation

Right now, you are engaged in negative, probably compulsive masturbation. You are abusing your natural ability to enjoy your body. The Healthy Sexuality System will teach you how to comfortably change your negative masturbation practices into positive ones. We will help you rid yourself of your masturbation addiction, and allow you to still enjoy the benefits of positive, healthy masturbation.

negative masturbation Practices

Positive masturbation Practices

Creates feelings of Guilt, worry, and helplessness Creates feelings of peace and happiness
Masturbation more than twice a day Masturbation maximum 4 times per week
Masturbate to escape from problems Masturbation used to improve upon positive emotions
Masturbate to procrastinate doing important activities Masturbation not used as a procrastination ritual
Frequent masturbation to pornography Pornography consumption is under control
Keeping secret sexual habits from family and friends No need for time consuming masturbation habits & large porn collection

Yes I need your help!

These are the 6 simple steps I'm going to take you through to overcome your masturbation, porn, or other sexual addiction addiction:

Decide whether masturbation is a cause for concern

How often are you doing it? Is your porn collection growing and it seems like you can't stop collecting it? Is it keeping you away from things that are more important? Are you lying about it? Is it a time drain on your life? Are you feeling guilt, worry, and hopelessness? All of these feelings and more will be explored as the initial step. You will be lead through a series of exercises that will help you determine if completing this program is right for you.

Finding the roots of your addiction

Together, we are going to find out what is at the root of your masturbation addiction. What or who are you trying to escape from? What problems are you procrastinating against dealing with, or what situations have forced you into this cycle of addiction? I've created several very effective exercises that will help you get to the root of the problem. Without finding the cause, we cannot find your cure.

Deciding why you should overcome this problem

In this stage of the program, you will accept that you have a problem, but may not be able to pinpoint exactly why you should change your behaviors. I'll help you to see the real life benefits of overcoming a sexual addiction which range from better relationships with your family, friends, and co-workers to having more time to devote to activities which will actually improve your life.

Starting your detox

You've been masturbating, probably to porn, for years. This, and other types of sexual addictive behavior release powerful chemicals in your brain that your body becomes accustomed to. Remove the frequent masturbation or porn consumption too fast, and you'll feel sad and unfulfilled. I've devised a method to slowly wean you away from your physical cravings for frequent orgasms that will allow you to do so safely, comfortably, and with recovery in mind.

Enjoying yourself in new and productive ways

While there are many benefits from becoming sexually healthy, one major benefit is that you will find new ways to spend your time that will change your life. I'll help you start enjoying hobbies or other activities you forgot about long ago. I'll help you find ways to excel at work, and to generally become a better person. This part of the program is by far most people's favorite.

Loving yourself and your loved ones: life after sexual addiction

In the 6th and final step, you will turn your thoughts to your yourself and to your loved ones. When you started the program in step 1, you were spending most of your time thinking only about yourself and your own pleasure. In this step, I will teach you effective methods to care about yourself without using masturbation as a tool to do so. Finally, I'll also teach you exactly how to direct more of your love towards your loved ones so that you can once again just be yourself.

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